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Hidden in Delaware

1 in 30 children

experience homelessness
each year in Delaware

Family homelessness is a hidden issue that affects thousands of families
each year in Delaware — and many more across the country.

It impacts not only the families themselves, but our entire community for years to come.

It’s a big problem, but we can solve it.

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Presented by Family Promise® of Northern New Castle County, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to ending family homelessness in Delaware.

So far today,

18 children

in Delaware
have become homeless

An average of 18 children in Delaware
become homeless each day.

Watch the story of Charity’s family

So far this year,

6500 children

in Delaware
have become homeless

Nearly 6,500 children in Delaware
became homeless in 2016, the latest year
for which data is available.


So far this year,
child homelessness has cost Delaware
an estimated


The traumatic experience of homelessness has long-term effects on a child’s physical, mental, and social well-being.

They are at a higher risk of entering foster care, relying on hospital emergency rooms, and getting involved in the criminal justice system.

Homelessness affects children’s academic achievement and, when they grow up, their economic potential. On average, they will contribute less to society and rely more on public systems — unless we work together to end family homelessness.

Currently, each year, this costs Delaware an estimated $196 million.


we can reveal this hidden issue
and end family homelessness to ensure that

every child has a home

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